Facing a Long and Hopefully Productive Winter



Well, it is now Hawaii plus 14 days. Just a short while ago I was sitting out in a sidewalk cafe, drinking Kona coffee and talking with an older couple from the mainland for what seemed like endless hours. The palm trees were swaying in the wind, the coffee was excellent and the conversation refreshing. I was leaving my new found mistress, the great state of Hawaii. It took almost 24 hours, but I made it back to Edmonton and found a new reason to keep going: to make more money and save what I could to get back to that tropical paradise. Laying on the beach, snorkelling, driving through the desert and the coast. All I have here are my poems, my dad and my writing.

I guess that isn’t really all that bad. I have a great job. The other day I took a long bus ride to Northern BC to set up another show and started to understand what it is really like to be a roadie. Today I worked in what I think is one of my favourite jobs, preparing a stage for live Theatre at the Citadel’s Shoctor Theatre. For eight long hours I undid bolts, plugged in data and power cables, carried lights, bolted them to pipes. By the end of the day my back ached and my stomach grumbled. I had the good fortune today though to be invited to my Dad’s apartment where two of his friends from upstairs in the senior’s complex he lives in came for a late Thanksgiving dinner and some friendly card playing. One of my Dad’s friends was this very old man named Ken who seemed to glower and broil in anger until around 20 seconds elapsed and something incredibly funny would come out of his mouth. My Dad’s other friend is an elderly Russian lady who once lived with her husband on Maui, which I think is going to be my next destination when I return to the crystal blue waters of my new favourite place on Earth. She is a very strong willed and fascinating woman but it is sad to know she suffers from macular degeneration and is slowly losing her vision.

I suppose we all lose something as each year goes by. We lose a friend, we break a bone, we find we can’t do what we used to do or do it as well as we once did. I like the way Ken faces his proximity to the great void, with a joke and something to say worth listening to, worth waiting for.

Well dear readers, I don’t know how much further you would like me to go on. It is nice to sit and get out things that are on my mind. There is something I would like to share though, I have been seeing an increase in sales of my books through amazon and I would like to thank all of my audience for this. It is a hard thing to commit to purchasing a book. You not only have to afford it and have time for it, you have to take the chance that it will be worth reading, it will be worth your time. Today I have been given the great honour of having a number of mental health professionals and academic writers request a copy of my two books, “Inching Back To Sane” and “Through The Withering Storm”. I strongly hope this will lead to more sales because it can only benefit you my fans by allowing me to focus more directly on creating the best combinations of words and ideas so that you can ‘take a chance on me’. All the best!


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