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Well, today was world mental health day and I spent most of it at the Schizophrenia Society talking with a number of people from the Edmonton community. There was a police officer there who deals with mentally ill persons, most of them homeless and off medication, then there were a number of people who have mostly overcome their illness and a few who were struggling. Also, a young man was there who was training to become an EMT and a young woman who was a support worker for a mentally ill young woman and finally, a woman who was struggling to help manage her adult son’s problem. It was an extremely enlightening discussion, and even though my own diagnosis is Bipolar and not Schizophrenia, I was able to relate to the people in the group and hopefully offer some insight. I was very surprised to learn from the Police Officer present that Crystal Meth is becoming an epidemic now even in our northern city of Edmonton. I am also hoping soon to work for the Schizophrenia Society going to schools and other places to give talks about mental health awareness. I am hoping I will also be able to use this as a platform to sell my books. It is interesting now to note that my more creative books drop off in sales not long after I publish them, but my two books on Bipolar Disorder, “Inching Back To Sane” and “Through The Withering Storm” seem to be constantly growing in demand. Other than that, I have had a taxing but wonderful week. I got back from Hawaii last Wednesday and it took me a couple of days to recover as I had to spend a lot of time in airports waiting. Each time I travel there, or meet people from the US I develop more respect for that great nation. I can’t say I agree with everything they do, but I have met some incredible Americans. Keep an eye out for me posting more poetry, possibly some of it Hawaii themed on this page. God Bless!

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