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Well, I would like to start off by saying that I am about to make some serious changes to how I get the word out about my writing. I have decided that I will serialize my books, “Inching Back To Sane” and “The Base Jumpers and Other Stories” on the website wattpad. Anyone who likes (after the website approves me) can head over to and plug in my name and read these entire books chapter by chapter as they come out each week, totally free. I have made this decision because I am having such a hard time marketing my work and I actually have a pretty good job that pays the bills. So for now, those of you who figured I would be rich and you could live off me you will have to wait just a little bit longer.

That aside, I am having a great time with two courses I am taking through my local library, one being a screenwriting course and the other being a poetry writing course. I wrote a poem about 9/11 as an assignment for this course and I am going to post it below. I encourage anyone who comes to read my blog and decides they like my poetry to join me at my Facebook page, Valhalla Books which is my poetry archive.

I had an interesting time today trying to phone my niece. I think she has a little bit of Bart Simpson in her because when she got on the phone she denied being herself and sang elevator music to me when she ‘connected’ me with other people, including a princess, a janitor and a manager who all seemed to have the same voice as my niece but all denied being her. I can’t imagine what a handful she will be like in five years, but at the moment I am happy that I have this wonderful little person who adores me and can be made happy (most of the time) for under 20 bucks.

Today I sold a t-shirt that I got working the Dierks Bentley concert to a person who lives in my complex and spent the money on a book of ‘Thriller’ short stories I am looking forward to reading called “Thriller: edited by James Patterson”. I already read the first story and it was pretty good, it was a story excerpted from some notes an author had made for his famous “Jack Reacher” character. I like to think I am educating myself by reading things like this but in reality a lot of it is about doing illegal things. In the first story, a guy is fired from the factory he works in and decided he is going to burn his house down and leave town and ends up getting a ride from Jack Reacher. There were a lot of things I liked about it, and I have to say, I don’t know if I could write a better story than him, but my critical eye is getting tuned to wanting nothing but the best to read. I forgo this clause when reading Archie comics, because they are about interesting people doing fun things in a setting for younger people and I have to admit, I am kind of addicted to them.

Well, if anyone would like to give me feedback, I would really like to hear what you think of my short stories from “The Base Jumpers”. I can be reached at but I encourage you to give your comments here and hopefully a conversation can begin. All the bed to you my dear readers! And don’t forget to scroll down to read today’s poem!

You All Know the Month, You All Know the Day

I was numb, I was lifeless, on my face was a frown

On that terrible day when the towers came down

Two of the world’s tallest buildings smashed to the ground

Far away some evil man laughing, smiling like a clown

I was in the hospital when the towers came down

On that day the morning radio host

Stayed talking and sending out news we needed the most

Planes were all stacked up from coast to coast

Just so some evil man could laugh and then boast

That of all who had tried he had killed the most

I am not from the states I will tell you, I am a Canuck

I wish I could tour your country like Steinbeck with his truck

But that hope had changed so drastically when the towers were struck

My cousins, my brothers all felt like sitting ducks

And the hopes of one person isolated were not anymore worth a buck

I had just spent five months in a hospital for the insane

But still those images hit me like kissing a moving train

I can’t imagine a person who would see destruction as gain

I felt all the loss, I felt all of the pain

When the second tower fell, I felt it again

I don’t know what might have happened if the white house was hit

While the president and all his staff were in it

How things may have changed and not just a bit

It would have been World War Three from where I sit

Osama Bin Laden causing all of it

I felt for the people who went to Iraq

For the men in Afghanistan who never came back

When I was a younger man I would have taken their tack

They hit us once and we hit them twice back

Smash down their cities with lethal attacks

The world has now changed, I went to the U.S.

War in the novels, casualty figures in the press

The people united under their 50-star crest

No time for marches, there are issues to address

All because one side doesn’t think the other is heaven blessed

In the end it is sad that it had to happen at all

I hate to think of the day that those towers did fall

And I cry for the young men who answered the call

And the innocents in other countries who were backed to the wall

So much death and destruction, haven’t we learned from it all?

Many years ago I tried to join with the Marines

Before I really knew what sacrifice means

I just wanted a place to feel strong and live clean

I wonder now what tragedies I would have seen

Still to serve in uniform for a long time was my dream

My Bestefa, grandfather to you

Served in his day and saw more than I ever knew

My father told me about World War Two

The refugee camps that killed more than just jews

Now I see it happen again as if no one understood it was true

Leif G.

October 20, 2014

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