A Poet Reflects On The First White of Winter



(Please scroll down for a video of what I believe is the most beautiful bit of scenery I ever filmed on video)


Alberta can be such a beautiful place in the summer. I am writing these lines now as the first snowfall has come that will most likely stay on the ground until Spring. We had one earlier, but then we had some warm and wonderful Indian Summer days. Last February I went to Honolulu, Hawaii and though I had a wonderful, incredible time, it seemed a bit drab compared to some of the things I have witnessed here in the North Country of Canada. Just recently though, knowing that I would have an even better time, I spent another eight days in Hawaii. I have to say that going in the summer makes me understand why the Islands there have the reputation of being paradise. It is almost always warm and the weather mild, but you always get a sense of adventure out of it because you see signs that show places to go in case of a volcanic eruption or a Tsunami. Shortly before, and from what I understand, shortly after going there this past visit, just three weeks ago, I heard there were hurricane warnings. Still, it seems that there is nothing like the feeling of seeing the palm trees sway in the wind. One of the great things about Hawaii is also that there are some 500 plant species that exist only in Hawaii. But on the topic of my home of Edmonton, I took the above photos over this past summer to preserve in my mind what I feel is the essence of being from Alberta. The picture of the greenery is an example of the beautiful green landscape that carpets this Province for around 6 months of the year. The truck is an old GMC, of the type that a great deal of my friends and even family members drove while I was growing up. I even learned to drive in similar vehicles, one of them a van and another a suburban. I have always liked Chevrolet Trucks and vans, and I am seriously considering buying a newer one this year. The only bad part of that is that one of the main reasons I need to buy a vehicle is that my dear father, Leif the first, is getting a bit old to drive himself around. I hope those of you who landed on this page look through the rest of my website. I have some great videos, and samples of short stories and poems I wrote. If you head over to wattpad.com, you will also find some of my newer books serialized and able to be read for free there. I am going to attach a video below this one just to give you a taste of my work and what can be found at this site. Thanks so much for viewing, I hope all of you who read this enjoy my work and writing efforts.


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