Lovers First and then Maybe Friends. Psychosis and Romance Poetry

This is the Provincial Legislature Building in Edmonton, a favourite of mine for getting photos. The grounds are beautiful and well-kept, and young lovers often come here at night on summer weekends to talk and stroll in a romantic setting


Seeking Solace

By: Leif Gregersen

cue the music

kill this silence

deep in my mind

I’m seeking solace

I just can’t be

alone with myself

all the things I’ve done

make silence my private hell

and yet somehow

the quiet reaches through

as I close my eyes

and think of you

you and I

were never meant to be

But still my deepest wish

is that you didn’t set me free

why can’t mishap romance

end with two people as friends

was it that much of

an unhealthy love

It was wrong to think

you had to love me back

I still think of you

and regret the past

misplaced love

is all I have

and moments of silence

that always take me back


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