Month: February 2017

A Poem For Everyone

A Love That None Suspected

By: Leif Gregersen


My friends if you are weary

If life has been hard on you

Think upon the words I will be sharing

And let your heart be born anew


Let just a little love inside you

Allow the seed to grow

Love can fill every moment with joy

In ways you can never know


Love is like the rainbow

Bringing hope after the rain

But if you do not nurture it

It will leave you in nothing but pain


I once had a lover in my youth

Who meant the world to me

And then as though I hated myself

I pushed her away and set her free


My heart was broken for some time

I thought I could never love again

But someone came to fill the void

And I romanced her with my pen


I wrote her poems and letters

Tried to show my, caring side for her to see

But that time of love was no better

She saw to the broken core of me


And then after a lifetime of waiting

I found a love that would never go away

To my sister a lovely child was born

On a perfect sunny summer day


I loved this child fully from the beginning

How she smiled and played and laughed

She made me gather together all my bad feelings

And force them to slip into the past


Now love to me is her sneaky grin

Love is in her sweet and giving ways

And she has redeemed our broken family

Given all of us precious, happy days