Poetry and Short Story Day

Well, it has been a creative day for me.  I have written a sonnet, a short story and a prose poem (which I am going to share with you just after this blog entry for today).  Today is the final lesson of my poetry course which I have really been enjoying.  In the past couple of days I have pushed my limits and gone out to read poetry at two public gatherings and it felt really good.  I also did something I don’t know if I will regret.  Last week I had this bright idea that if I went and purchased something nice for myself I would be motivated to get out and work to help pay it off and maybe even buy more stuff like it.  I ordered a $700 camera online and in the time it took to get here I decided I was going to take it back when I got it.  Then the box came and the idea of having a 200mm lens on a camera that took pictures with 24+ Megapixels and was brand new was just too much temptation, and I changed my mind and opened the box up.  I have to admit, it does take pretty good photos, there is one that I coached my roommate into taking with it that I think is worthwhile posting below.  That kind of picture quality with a good lens just makes the colours and tones so rich and alive.  I have one hope for my financial state of affairs for Christmas, I have sent off an article to a magazine called “Esprit De Corps” which is the official magazine of the Canadian Military.  The article was about an incredible story of courage and skill in soldiering which resulted in a stupendous victory for the UN Forces in the Korean Conflict.  It would be so cool if I could get that published for a few bucks.  Even if they just want to publish it though, I would be happy because the magazine has such esteem from a wide audience in Canada.

Going to the Rouge Poetry “Breath in Poetry Collective” was just great the other day.  This is the place I talked about in my “Tuesday Night” poem in the previous blog.  I was able to read three of my poems, enjoy being entertained by others and made some connections with fellow writers.  There was this one young girl who could only read one poem and then had to leave who was really interesting to talk to.  She was actually underage (no, I didn’t see her as a love interest) but recited an incredible poem for the lounge and was very interested in my own poetry.  She had also read a book that few people have the fortitude to get through, “Les Miserables”.  I think if a lot of young people are like her, old guys like me have to watch out, the next generation to come along just might surpass what mine can do.  Anyhow, I will post my new photo from my new camera below this and I hope you enjoy today’s poem!




My Dream Girl



I miss you dream girl

That gentle smell of you maybe the most

You were a bit of a Tomboy

But you had the taste of a fashion model

You could cook the most divine of foods

We had so much fun

Going from place to place

Talking for hours eating in all the best restaurants

That smell, that gentle scent of flowers was the best

It made me love being near you

Having you in the car

That you were upset over me getting rid of

I know you liked me driving you around

But I had my problems too

My balance was never the same since the pills I have to take

I hoped you could understand that


You had the cutest little turned up nose

And that sexy sound of your voice

Just drove me nuts

So sweet, so sensual

You would go into all these details

Of your romps and adventures

It was the hardest though when we would say goodbye

Always with a hug

Those athletic curves next to me

It was almost painful to hang out with you

Knowing that you likely never felt

How I felt about you


You confessed to me once

That you were an addict

A still-practicing one

But I didn’t care

There was more than enough good about you

That I could go on loving

Someone who needed to dull the pain now and then

Your soft dark brown hair used to make me want to run my fingers through it

Give your soft lips a passionate kiss

Those moist dark brown eyes the perfect accent to your face


I knew when you would get sad

You would lose some of the wind in your sails, look down at the ground

You would have to find some way to get a drink

Or even a few of them

And I would sit with you

Or take the bus out in the morning to get your truck

So you wouldn’t have to drive drunk

I remember you telling me about your abortions

I wondered how you could take a tiny life that grew inside you

It hurt me

But I know it hurt you as well

When I looked in those eyes



Then one fine summer day

Sitting on my porch waiting for your cab

It all fell apart

You were kissing me goodbye

You kissed me a few times

Each time telling me you loved me

I didn’t understand you meant loved me as a friend

Or like a brother

I would have been happy with that

But I wanted you so bad

Took the kiss as a chance to make my move

And it all ended there

I miss you dream girl


Leif Gregersen

November 20, 2014










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