Insomnia and My Mental Health Essays

Good morning dear readers!

Well, a lot has been going on lately, I hope you all forgive me for not posting. One of the things I have been doing is teaching Poetry in the park near my house. I have been publishing a few essays lately, and if you wish to read them, the links are below:

Op-ed piece on stigma and mental illness:

Magazine article:

Personal essay regarding my mental health journey:

Of course, my latest book is still available free on the website, just click on the photo of the Tower Bridge for your copy.

I have to admit to you, dear readers that my mental health hasn’t been the best lately. I have been having trouble getting to sleep and more trouble getting out of bed. Added to that, I have been noticing a trend towards letting little things irritate me, and getting stuck on memories from the past that I really shouldn’t let affect me.

I think a lot of the blame for this present state is that I have been relying more and more on sleep aids to get past my insomnia. In a way, this convoluted schedule has been helpful, I sleep most of the day away, then grab my iPad and start searching for places that accept essays that fit what I feel I am good at, then most of the hours of my day are spent writing, editing, running the piece through Grammarly, then editing again and then reading through the whole piece one last time before sending it. Even this gruelling process doesn’t always make the piece of writing perfect. I miss things a lot. I have almost been longing to do more writing here on my blog because I can just write from the heart or soul, and share things that are important. I usually do proof read my blogs, but just once. I have been so amazed at the support I have been getting.

I don’t know how much I talked about it, but I recently sold my car. It was an interesting story how I sold it, so I will relate it to you here. Someone contacted me and said my price was good and that they were going to have their associate send me a cheque and then pick up the car. A lot of warning bells were going off already. Why would a third party need someone else to send a cheque? Why a cheque and not transfer? He said the car was going to be a gift for his father, but my car was a luxury sport sedan with a 290 horsepower engine. More and more things started sounding fishy, but I was anxious to sell the car quickly. This person’s associate sent me something he called “an e-cheque” which was just a scan of the front and back of a random cheque he found somewhere. It was a cheque drawn from a business account, so I first said that I wouldn’t release the car without the cheque clearing, then said that I needed some kind of evidence that this person had authority to draw cheques on this account.

It was going to take at least a few days for the cheque to clear and someone contacted me about the car after who was willing to pay full price, in cash. I didn’t like the idea of dealing with over $5,000 in cash, but I told him if he came right away, the car was his. He did, I sold it and I never heard a peep from the first guy. Today I picked up my mail and it had a cancellation notice from my bank. I was a little freaked out that I had almost fallen for what to me seemed like serious fraudsters, but so far nothing else has come of it.

One of the things that kind of freaks me out about this incident is that fraud seems to be coming from every direction. The same week this car business went on, I answered an ad that said I could buy a new PS5, a very sought-after game system, for just $400. They sent me a tracking number and I watched the package go from China all the way to the US, and on to Alberta. I waited quite a long time and was excited at the possibilities in getting this system. When it arrived, it was a very small package and inside was no printed material, just a name tag for luggage and a strap to fit it onto a suitcase. I just could not believe that someone could be so blatantly deceptive and just not at all care about lying, cheating, stealing, defrauding someone.

Well dear readers, I hope this gives you some insight into watching out for things that sound too good to be true. The only thing a person can really count on is honesty and hard work if they want to truly get ahead. Thanks for tuning in, hope to chat further soon!

Leif Gregersen

Set Your Clock I’m Going Live

Hello to all my amazing supporters. Just wanted to let you know I am having a book reading and Q and A session tonight regarding my book: “Alert and Oriented x3: A Snapshot of a Severe Psychosis” this will be on zoom and all are welcome. The show is tonight (July 7) at 7:00 pm Mountain Standard Time. Please feel free to share the zoom link below:

Falsehoods, Delusions, and Lies

Hello Good Readers!

I have not been making many entries, what has been happening is that I have been publishing articles in different places, and I encourage you to read them and contact me with what you think of them. I will try and make time for more blogs soon, I love working on this website and the people who join me each time I write something. Please visit OC87 Recovery Diaries where you will be able to either listen to a podcast of my latest publication, or read the essay as a normal article. The link is below, you may have to copy and paste it into the window of your browser. All the best to everyone!

Leif Gregersen

My Wish For You: Be At Peace and Know That You Are Loved

Hello Good Readers. It has been quite a while. I have so much to apologize for, I have neglected those who trusted and cared for me the most, you my dear readers. That has to change.

To begin, I have been writing a lot of essays like the ones I write here, but publishing them, which makes me feel wonderful only I miss the days of my simple blog and some short time spent checking hits. For those of you who like my essays, my latest publication is now appearing in an online magazine called “Anti-Heroin Chic” and can be found by clicking here:

Things seem to be humming along. I am busy but ever grateful for being blessed with many friends and wonderful people in my life. In the past few weeks I have had 2 articles published, 2 more approved, taught a few classes and spent time with some amazing people. I would have loved to make this post another mental health help video, but the link to that essay if already one and I am not only weary but somewhat overworked.

There is one thing I wanted to talk about, I have been reading a book by the most incredible author, Elisabeth Kuubler-Ross. The book is about death and dying and is so incredibly beautiful and comforting. In all the time that has passed, I have my doubts that I have truly grieved the loss of my mom and this book is showing me the work of an amazing woman who wanted to see what she could best do to comfort those who are in their last days, and in so doing, open the door to the final frontier of medicine: How do you give hope and comfort to those who have no hop[e.

It is my hope that many of you look for her books, even if you haven’t experienced a loss. It is absolutely captivating.

All the best dear readers, please feel free to leave any comments about my essay here or on the website. Thanks to all of you for your support and kindness!